Trivia League Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have answered several Frequently Asked Questions regarding the TRIVIA:30 Summer 2022 League, please read through these, and if you still have any questions feel free to contact us.


FAQ #1 – Why would I pay to play a free game?
ANSWER – While we will always keep our general trivia games free, the league is an additional layer of competition and fun that is basically “crowdfunded” by those who want to participate.  Also, as one of our players said, “I spent more than $20 to see a 2-hour movie and have some Coke and popcorn… Why wouldn’t I spend $20 for 3 months of fun?”
FAQ #2 – Why do we have to submit a roster, and what if we don’t have 6 players?
ANSWER – The roster is primarily a planning tool for the end-of-season trivia event, the “TRIVIA:30 Invitational”, but also serves a few other purposes. While you can have players swap in and out through regular season play, we don’t want anyone trying to bring a team of 20, with a bunch of “ringers” that haven’t played with them during the regular season to the event, so we just want a basic framework of the players on your team.  Plus, with 6 players it makes the cost of participation exactly $20 per player, which is the amount we wanted to keep it at or below!
FAQ #3 – Where/when will the TRIVIA:30 Invitational be held?
ANSWER – We are still working out the details of the date and venue, but it will be sometime in early September, and as soon as we get it officially scheduled we will update you all.
FAQ #4 – What are the prizes?
ANSWER – The cash prizes are based on the number of participants.  We set a minimum goal of a $500 for 1st Place, with the 2nd Place, 3rd Place and Most Games Played prizes being awarded from the remaining balance.  Meaning the more teams we have, the BIGGER the prizes, so encourage all of your favorite teams/rivals to sign up.
FAQ #5 – Speaking of prizes… Will there be a BIG CHECK?
ANSWER – It is highly likely, because who doesn’t love getting a GIANT check?

Once again, let us know if you have any questions, and if not… SIGN UP TODAY!


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